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Welcome! Are you looking for recruiters in NYC to help your company with the hiring process? We can help! We connect companies with NYC recruiters who are ideally suited to their particular industry and hiring needs. Whether you are looking for recruiters who specialize in Sales, Insurance, Finance, Engineering, IT, Tech, or Executive Recruiting, we can connect you with a recruiter who has specific knowledge of your industry. Typically, it takes us just 24 hours to match you with a recruiter, so you’ll be able to start interviewing candidates without delay.

Step 1: Discuss Your Recruiting Needs
First, we’ll ask you a series of questions to garner a good understanding of what you need from a recruiter. We’ll ask about qualifications you’d like candidates to have, the demands of the position you’re hiring for, any industry concerns, and any other specific challenges you may be facing. We keep your information confidential at all times. Your privacy is paramount.

Step 2: We Search Our Network of NYC Recruiters
Now that we’re well versed in your recruiting needs, we’ll begin the process of matching you with the right recruiter. We’ll consider the number of positions you need to fill, the types of positions, the fee structure you prefer (contingency or retained), and industry requirements to choose a recruiting agency who will be best situated to recruit top talent to your firm.

Step 3: We Connect You
Once we’ve selected the ideal recruiter for your hiring needs, we’ll aid you in arranging a phone call or meeting. Our clients are almost always happy with our first choice, but if you still want to explore your options, we’ll prepare a few other headhunters to meet with you.

Step 4: How Did We Do?

How was your recruiting experience? Did your recruiter adequately address your needs and concerns? Did they send you impressive candidates? Your feedback, more than any other factor, is the cornerstone of our process. So please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback and help us improve the process for everyone.